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ACEFHCKIT VS2 homesteader pro fire hose to hydrant, water supply kit.

ACE Fire Preparedness LLC

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The life blood of any homestead is a reliable water source.

The Kit is easy to use. This is Professional Fire Fighting Equipment to up your game in Fire Preparedness.  Please, be prepared and have a plan.


We at ACE FIRE Preparedness have put together this quick grab kit in an easy to use package to help you protect your land.

A simple all in one kit we provide for homesteaders, emergency and first responders, National Guard, military, militia, community emergency response teams (CERT) firefighters, homeowners  with pro 75’ Fire attack hose and hydrant connector quick grab kit to store in your vehicle.

This is a professional Fire Fighting Kit with 2 -75" attack hose, Gated Wye Valve, 2 Fire Hose Nozzles and Spanner Wrench.

We serve Military, Police Departments. Fire Departments, FEMA, CERT and First Responders. The Kit is easy to use. This is Professional Fire Fighting Equipment that is a must in today's changing climates!

What You Get


  • 1 -3” gas pump all fittings installed

  • 2- 75’ Fire Hoses

  • 2 - Firehose Nozzle

  • 1- gas container (full)

  • 1- intake 25’ hose

  • 2 - complimentary high heat resistant face Shields

  • Steel Hydrant Spanner wrench. 


This includes installation. Local Only

90% of structure fires happen from the embers getting sucked into the vents. If you are like me living in a fire Corridor and you pace during high winds not able to sleep then you are in the right place now.


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If you are like us living in a fire Corridor and you pace during high winds not able to sleep then you are in the right place now.

What if you had the ability to defend yourself against fire with an affordable home fire fighting defense kit. This home fire fighting system comes complete with the following:
  •  Gas powered high pressure (100PSI) low volume (60 gal. per minute) Water Pump, 4 cycle with 40 - 50 feet spray range;
  • 75 feet (15 meter) 1 1/2 inch Fire Hose with NH fittings;
  • Fire Nozzle (Fog & Stream) with HH, NTS fittings;
  • Reinforced 3” inch x 25’ intake hose & filter with brass connector.
  • All connecters are to Industry and Forestry standards.
  • Manufacturers Limited Warranty on the pump.


NAME BRAND PUMP, Comes with warranty and extended warranty options.

I covered the name due to TM. This pump compares to the Honda 


This "NAME BRAND" gasoline engine water pump engine can quickly transfer water at speeds up to 236 GPM (gallons per minute). The large 3 in. intake/discharge ports can pass soft solids up to 3/4 in. diameter. The gas engine on the pump makes it ideal for use during power outages and at remote jobsites. A durable cast iron volute and impeller combined with high quality silicon carbide seals ensure long service life. The pump owner has the option to purchase an extended warranty with the manufacturer.

  • The Hoses and Accessories stores in a metal container on your porch. Your neighbors should know you have it and readily available for anyone to use.  We at ACE FIRE Preparedness recommend the WYE Vale if you plan to hook you up to the nearest fire hydrant, the spanner wrench turns on the water. You should have a plan and practice with your partner so you know what you’re doing in the event of a catastrophic event you are prepared. Always stay safe, please, do not put yourself in harms way.
  • Pease note the WYE Valve is not included in this water pump package. The photo is for demo and promo for kits VS1 and  VS3 only. 

  • Each property owner will be required to sign a release stating ACE FIRE Preparedness LLC. is not responsible for property damage or death. 

  • Please visit for more information.