Firehose Ace Preparedness Defense LLC Disclaimer

ACE FIRE Preparedness LLC

Our intention at ACE Fire Preparedness LLC is to treat people better than any one can. 

After surviving and serving during the WOOLSEY FIRE I had PTS during Santa Anna wind events and could not sleep. I designed a kit to keep on my porch with a valve, hoses, nozzles, gloves, wrench to open the water on the fire hydrant 100 ft. away from my home. This enabled me to be prepared at another level against an unexpected fire. 

I am a certified CERT member trained by The Los Angeles Fire Department and FEMA. My skill set to serve as a trained professional before the Fire Department get s there is my commitment as a CERT TEAM member.

I am not a fire fighter! I am an empath who cares deeply about others. My products are professional fire fighting equipment. I will teach you how to use them either on your location or by video.

The purpose of my products are to be "better" prepared in the event of a fire than you are now. 

"IF YOU ARE IN DANGER due to high winds driving the fire, if your structure has caught fire, LEAVE IMMEDIATLY. 

The soul purpose of our defense training on extinguishing a fire is defensive. 

Please, be responsible. If you are in the threat of fire, please evacuate your family, please have your car backed in and ready to leave in a seconds notice.

You deserve better than a garden hose to defend your property. The ACE FHC KIT vs is to be shared with neighbors. You would be expected  to help in any way you can, help the Fire Department by being better prepared. Please cover your vents with a fine metal mesh. Please keep your trees trimmed of any dead branches. Keep your property clean. Do not wait till it's too late. Have a plan.

Thank you,

Sherwin Ace Ross


ACE Fire Preparedness LLC.