Fire hose and How the make Kevlyester Safety Ropes.

How do we make our exclusive "Kevlyester" blend of Kevlar and Polyester Safety Rope.
Few innovations in the past century have been as remarkable and useful as Kevlar™, invented in 1965 and produced by DuPont™. Among its many uses, Kevlar™ materials have been used for bulletproof armor and flame resistant material. Kevlar™ rope is no less remarkable. Pound for pound, Kevlar™ rope is far stronger than steel and it will not rust.
For this reason, Ace Fire Preparedness & Defense have designed and manufacture The Jim Reese Kevlyester™ rope is used as mooring lines on oil rigs and ships. While nylon rope has certain elastic abilities, Kevlar™ rope has very low stretch, making it an excellent choice when complete stability is needed. Extraordinary Properties Kevlar™ Rope Because of its polymeric properties, Kevlar™ material is susceptible to UV light and should not be permanently exposed to UV rays. Unlike any other rope, Kevlar™ rope is flame resistant.
This rope can resist temperatures 500° F before it begins to weaken, and Kevlar™ will only strengthen when exposed to subzero temperatures.[1] One should be aware of any signs of wear on Kevlar™ rope, as the integrity of Kevlar’s qualities are best demonstrated in extreme temperature conditions, or any time sheer strength is required.
Introducing The Jim Reese Safety Kevlyester Rope.
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