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Sherwin Ross, affectionately known as “Ace,” founded Ace Fire Preparedness in 2018. Ross was so moved by serving during the Woolsey Fire he became passionate on being better prepared. It's not if, its when the next fire will be. "No one is prepared." states Ross

Ross … is the founding partner of Ace Fire Preparedness. He is a manufacturing expert (40 years in the apparel industry). Sherwin played a leadership role globally in the growth of Forever 21 and KAYSER from Chile, Sherwin created the first CBGB Line of Apparel with Hilly Krystal. Ace Ross Studios line of Junior Apparel was sold in Macy, Bloomingdales, Dillards and Fred Segals. Also … an actor, a musician, and … a member of FEMA’s Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Ross lives in Los Angeles, California with his two dogs, Lucy and Lucca.

ACE Fire hose

A Graduate of MASTERY UNIVERSITY with Tony Robbins. Sherwin gives back as Fire Team Member serving on a global scale to transform others lives.


When your why is stronger than you find a way. When you need to have more control, certainty, possibilities, tools, to defend your home and community then a garden hose, what can you do?

Being resourceful, fill a garbage can with professional fire fighting equipment to store on your porch so at the least, if theirs a fire in the canyon, you can defend your property.

The prototype of the ACE Fire hose connector kit.

Keep a bundle in your trunk, you never know when you can help.

90% of structure fires happen when embers get in the vents. Today we have better choices to be prepared to defend our homes and communities to serve the community against the embers flying in the wind before they reach the structure or civil unrest.

This original kit cost so much money to buy,  we decided to manufacture everything in house and save people hundreds of dollars.

The first time ever, We at ACE FIRE Preparedness are introducing the "Fire Hose and Hydrant Connector Kit. ACEFHCKIT vs1 to store in your vehicle or home to use in the event of a catastrophic fire or earthquake when the fire department can’t respond or you arrive before.

THE FIRE HOSE CONNECTOR KITS can be purchased as separates or create a bundle that meets your needs.  

 The fire destroyed 1,643 structures,  killed three people, and prompted the evacuation of more than 295,000 people

The Woolsey Fire


Thursday November 8, 2018 was a busy day in California. Just before midnight the night before there was a mass shooting incident leaving 12 dead at a bar in Thousand Oaks, just west of where the fire was hours later. The Camp Fire started early Thursday morning wiping out much of Paradise in northern California before noon. Then the Hill Fire started at about 1 p.m. south of Thousand Oaks about 13 miles southwest of where the Woolsey Fire started an hour later. The Hill Fire eventually burned over 4,500 acres and required the evacuation of 17,000 residents. While firefighters were still initially responding to the Hill Fire the Woolsey Fire ignited at about 2 p.m. Strike teams of engines and crews were already in route to northern California, so right away there was competition for firefighting resources with three major fires burning simultaneously in the state.

The Woolsey Fire started in Ventura County but spread into Los Angeles County. Very large portions of the blaze were in both counties, testing the capabilities of LA City, LA County, and the Ventura County Fire Department. The report states that even though the three organizations “regularly plan for and practice their response to a large fire in the region, they could not have planned for a complete exhaustion of California’s limited firefighting resources brought on by a regional wildfire weather threat in conjunction with the Camp Fire, a mass casualty shooting in Ventura County, and the Ventura County Hill Fire, which began just before the Woolsey Fire started.”

With large numbers of firefighting resources committed to the three major fires, and with the dry, windy weather continuing, many agencies had to think hard about continuing to send more and more firefighters to the Hill and Woolsey Fires in case more incidents broke out. Approximately half the resource orders for the Woolsey Fire were UTF, Unable to Fill.

If all that matters is integrity and honor, you are in the right place now!

Prepare for the unexpected.

The CERT training by Los Angeles Fire Department taught us that people are just not prepared for an emergency.

Ask a quality question, you get a quality answer.

If the past years taught us anything, we must renew our focus on disaster preparedness, in particular, ensuring be prepared for unexpected fire and earthquake in the face of sudden, unplanned disruptions. 


Planning as Prevention


Tailored Planning is Ideal

Since no two homeowners’ needs or situation are exactly alike, organizing community meetings with continuity planning requires a customized approach:

  • The most likely current and future threats to your home and property.
  • The process, technologies and tools needed to protect the front and back of your home simultaneously.
  • Steps and processes to assure that your current equipment remains operational and usable, while minimizing human and local factors that might impact continuity.

Ready to rethink or refresh your home and communities fire prevention and readiness plan? You are in the right place now.


You drive where you focus.

Please review our video’s using an above ground pool and pool pump.

It is our outcome and mission to serve the community in creating awareness for fire preparedness and fire prevention. “An Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Ben Franklin
It is our mission to provide you with video training and the tools needed serve you better than anyone can.

I like the Positive Thoughts Get Positive Results.

We are grateful to serve.

“In the event of a fire, choose to be prepared.

This was a defining moment that changed the course of my plans.

This video was taken on November 9, 2018. We were surrounded by fire. At 12:00 midnight the winds abruptly halted. Everything got quite. This was a Devine intervention. We were ready to evacuate and were not prepared. Yaniv Shlomo owns two 300-gallon water tanks, bless this mas heart. Yaniv and Sherwin stayed out till 5:00 am putting out hot spots that could have re-ignited and taken out our homes.

For more information please call Sherwin Ace Ross 213/ 884-8448

It is our  honor to serve you better than anyone can!

Positive thoughts get positive results.

  • Steve, Chatsworth California

    "I just finished bundling all the hose and setting up the system for the quickest possible deployment. I’m very pleased with everything and happy to have it. Thank you for all your help." 

  •  Glen, Salt Lake City, Utah

    "Dear ACE FIRE Preparedness, The valve arrived and I have attached it to the high
    pressure pump. I am quite happy Thank you for making this equipment available to our community."

  • Larry Jacobs, Lake Chatsworth, CA.

    "This is fire insurance in your hands. Thank you Ace Fire Preparedness. Thank you for setting up the pump. We feel better knowing we are prepared to fight the embers.