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ACE FIRE Preparedness & Defense

FM Approved 75" x 1-1/2" TPU Lined, Single Jacket Attack Fire Hose hardened anodized aluminum couplings

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FM Approvals is an international leader in third-party testing and certification services. Our products are tested for property loss prevention products and services—for use in homes, commercial and industrial facilities—to verify they meet rigorous loss prevention standards of quality, technical integrity and performance. Ace Fire Preparedness meet a worldwide certification process that’s backed by scientific research and testing, and over a century of experience.

The FM APPROVED mark is recognized and respected worldwide. Our certification instills confidence and commands respect in your marketplace.

Our PYROTPU-C product features:

  • 100% filament polyester single jacket with red pinstripe and FM Logo printed on the hose at the factory.
  • Ultra new technology compact and lightweight 
  • Easy to deploy
  • Coiled with thread inside.
  • Low friction loss for maximum flow
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) liner temperature range from -58F to 158F
  • 75" x 1-1/2" 
  • Hardcoat anodized Aluminum Couplings NH / HST Thread
  • Protective Cap 
  • Working pressure 250 psi
  • Burst Pressure 750 psi
  • Certified FM Approve / CCC tested and certified
  • Our FM Approval is the best certification in the world. This must be printed on the hose at the factory. Don’t risk your inspection with forged product or used new products.