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ACE Fire Preparedness LLC

Fire Hoses 75' x 1 1/2" NST NH Thread Brass plated Aluminum Couplings 1-2-4 Pack

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75' x 1 1/2"

Welcome to Ace Fire Preparedness!

As a way to thank our country’s first responders for their service, honor, and integrity, we created Ace Fire Preparedness.

Our mission is to help first-responders (firefighters, police, and military service members and veterans) homeowners’ and renters prevent, prepare for, and respond to wildfires.

Ace Fire Preparedness partnered with first responders and outstanding global manufacturing experts to offer you the best quality professional firefighting equipment at the best possible price points.

We stock coiled or folded NH / NTS National Thread Standard, 75 ft x 1.5- inch polyester with polyurethane lining attack fire hoses – certified, tested, and dated 11/21 for single-family homes, high-rise buildings, remote property on fire perimeters, and remote areas with access to wells, pools, streams, or rivers. Our hoses deliver at a high velocity up to 250 PSI. Our aluminum brass-plated coupling enables a faraway reach. All bundles, even the four-hose bundle are lightweight in design and priced perfectly to store in the trunk of first responder personal vehicles.

On a personal note, thank you for visiting Ace Fire Preparedness. We are here to help you keep your home safe from wildfire. When now would be a good time to start to prepare?

Stay Safe and God Bless

Do today what others won’t so tomorrow others can.


Outstanding Quality! Outstanding Value! 

  • Hose Size - 1.5 inches (Inside Diameter)
  • Hose Length - 75 feet (Approximately)
  • Male Coupling - Brass 1.5 inch NH / NST
  • Swivel Female Coupling - Brass 1.5 inch NH / NST
  • The Female Coupling Will Only Connect To A Male 1.5 NH / NST
  • Compatible Nozzle - 1.5 inch NH / NST only
  • Hose Type - Polyester Single Jacket (Mildew Resistant)
  • Color - White
  • Liner - PU Liner
  • Approximate Width Laying Flat - 2.5 inches
  • Service Pressure - 250 PSI
  • Proof Test Pressure - 500 PSI
  • Pre-rolled 
  • CCC Approved Standard
  • Stay Safe and God Bless.

    ACE FIRE Hoses are Single Jacket Reel Fire Attack Hose

    Lightweight for home upgrade fire defense plan.

    Our reel fire hoses feature a single jacket construction woven from 100% polyester that is lightweight and easy to deploy.

    The lining of each reel fire hose is a single-ply extruded tube of synthetic polyurethane /thermoplastic (T.P.U.), designed to be light weight for ease of operator use and  increase packing ability for fire preparedness and firefighting applications. The liner of these reel fire hoses produces a thin, smooth waterway that yields extremely low friction loss for maximum flow rates. The reel hose manufacturing process ensures positive adherence to the jacket to prevent de-lamination.

    Click here to learn about Fire Hose Manufacturing Process