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ACE FIRE Preparedness & Defense

FM Approved for occupant use. The fire safe home starter bundle, harden your property, professional fire hose fire defense gear.

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The wildfire defense starter kit to harden your property, defend your homeland. 

 We at ACE FIRE Preparedness & Defense have designed and manufactured this one stop, easy to deploy  75’ fire hose sections and hydrant connector hose splitter  starter bundle with hydrant wrench and nozzle to stow in your vehicle or harden your homes property line to be better prepared at the onset of a wild fire incident.

We proudly fight to protect our environment and the health and well-being of our communities.


As a way to thank our country’s first responders for their service, honor, and integrity, we created Ace Fire Preparedness.

Our mission is to help first-responders (firefighters, police, and military service members and veterans) steaders, homeowners’ and renters prevent, prepare for, and respond to wildfires.

A simple all in one kit, easy to use,  we provide for emergency and first responders, National Guard, military, militia, community emergency response teams (CERT) firefighters, homeowners  with pro 75’ Fire attack hose and hydrant connector quick grab kit to store in your vehicle.

This is a professional Fire Fighting Kit with 75" attack hose, Gated Wye Valve, Fire Hose Nozzle and Spanner Wrench.

We serve Military, Police Departments. Fire Departments, FEMA, CERT and First Responders. The Kit is easy to use. This is Professional Fire Fighting Equipment that is a must in today's changing climates!

What You Get:

ACE FHC VS1 Bundle:90% of structure fires happen from the embers getting sucked into the vents. If you are like me living in a fire Corridor and you pace during high winds not able to sleep then you are in the right place now.

  • 1 75’ Fire Hoses x 1.5" w/ Brass Plated Aluminum NH Couplings
  • 1- 1-Brass Gated WYE for forestry, wild fire property defense, hydrant valve 
  • 1- 1 1/2 Pyroclastic Fire Hose Nozzle
  • 1- Spanner HEX Wrench
  • Total Retail Value: $849.99 

Please visit for more information Disclaimer: ACE FIRE Preparedness is a fire hose manufacturer. This kit is designed as an upgrade to your current fire defense plan, upgrade from a garden hose to a professional 250 PSI (pounds per square inch water pressure certified and tested) allowing 30 to 50 ft of water to extinguish the embers before they reach the structure. 

If the fire reaches the structure leave. We do not endorse fighting structure fires, Please be prepared and practice! Have a plan.

Please store your hoses in a galvanized 20 gallon can to avoid rodents eating them.

About the Hoses:

  • Hose Size - 1.5 inches (Inside Diameter)
  • Hose Length - 75 feet (Approximately)
  • Male Coupling - Brass 1.5 inch NH / NST
  • Swivel Female Coupling - Brass 1.5 inch NH / NST
  • The Female Coupling Will Only Connect To A Male 1.5 NH / NST
  • Compatible Nozzle - 1.5 inch NH / NST only included
  • Hose Type - Polyester Single Jacket
  • Color - White
  • Liner - PU Liner
  • Approximate Width Laying Flat - 2.5 inches
  • Service Pressure - 250 PSI
  • Proof Test Pressure - 500 PSI
  • Pre-rolled 
  • CCC Approved Standard
  • one brass gated fire hydrant hose splitter wye valve
  • fire hydrant spanner wrench with serrated grip
  • 1 1/2" FOG - Stream Adjustable Fire Hose Pyroclastic Nozzle

    ACE FIRE Hoses are Single Jacket Reel Fire Attack Hose

    Lightweight for home upgrade fire defense plan.

    Our reel fire hoses feature a single jacket construction woven from 100% polyester that is lightweight and easy to deploy.

    The lining of each reel fire hose is a single-ply extruded tube of synthetic polyurethane /thermoplastic (T.P.U.), designed to be light weight for ease of operator use and  increase packing ability for fire preparedness and firefighting applications. The liner of these reel fire hoses produces a thin, smooth waterway that yields extremely low friction loss for maximum flow rates. The reel hose manufacturing process ensures positive adherence to the jacket to prevent de-lamination.

    ACE Fire Hose Manufacturing process.

    ACE Fire hose is manufactured in a plant that specializes in providing hose products to municipal, industrial, and forestry fire departments. Here is a typical sequence of operations used to manufacture a double jacket, rubber-lined fire hose.[

      We do not recommend using our protects in prolonged freezing temperatures. The materials will freeze and crack.

      Please review our policy's and disclaimers before purchasing,

      These are professional fire fighting products. We offer this to first responders at the very best price possible.

      It's in serving each other where we become free.

      Thank you for your service.