ACE Fire Preparedness

There are 1000 Fire Men to serve 4 million people in Los Angeles. We can help the fire department by being prepared. It’s a new world, if we aren’t growing we are dying! Let’s be bold and think outside the box. Be responsible to save your lives and homes. Step up!

Any Smart homeowner will have the ACE FHC Kit on the front porch.

Be prepared. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • Steve, Chatsworth California

    "I just finished bundling all the hose and setting up the system for the quickest possible deployment. I’m very pleased with everything and happy to have it. Thank you for all your help." 

  •  Glen, Salt Lake City, Utah

    "Dear ACE FIRE Preparedness, The valve arrived and I have attached it to the high
    pressure pump. I am quite happy Thank you for making this equipment available to our community."

  • Larry Jacobs, Lake Chatsworth, CA.

    "This is fire insurance in your hands. Thank you Ace Fire Preparedness. Thank you for setting up the pump. We feel better knowing we are prepared to fight the embers.