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“I’m very impressed, for a very reasonable amount, feel like I have real fire insurance right in my hands.” Larry Jacobs, Home Owner. Chatsworth Lake Manor

Do you have difficulty sleeping during the Santa Anna Winds?

After the Woolsey Fire Sherwin couldn't sleep, during the high winds he was afraid and defenseless. All he had was a garden hose as a last line of defense to fight the task at hand which is fighting the embers before they hit the structure. 90% of structure fires are caused by embers getting in the vents.

Out of fear and uncertainty, Sherwin resourced professional fire fighting equipment and created a kit stored on the front porch with 400 ft. of fire hose, a gated wye valve, two nozzles and a fire hydrant wrench. “utilizing a portable gas-powered water pump you could have access to water from any standing water source that could include a pool, pond, a large storage tank, or a Canal or River. In the demonstration video we’re gonna draw water from the pool since they are very common in our area and many people have at their disposal between 15 and 30,000 gallons of water, that without the proper tools remains a useless resource”.

All these components are made from the best materials, tested and certified. Sherwin who has been manufacturing and designing apparel for the past few decades decided to shift gears during the pandemic and focused on manufacturing all the elements in the ACE FHC KIT VS1 so its affordable at the same time adhering to the same factories that set the standard for these products. Outstanding professional certified products.

ACE Fire Hoses work so well with a 3" pool pump. Sherwin offers to bring the pump and set it up for you. You will have the original manufacturers warranty. Inquire within for the exact details and pricing.

“We provide knowledge, information, concepts and innovative ideas concerning property preservation and basic how-to information as well as needed supplies and equipment to be better prepared in the event of an unexpected fire or earthquake. However, fighting any fire can be a serious and potentially life-threatening endeavor. We at ACE FIRE Preparedness LLC and ACE Fire Hoses encourage you to be proactive in defensively protecting your property and home. We do not endorse or encourage you to attempt to offensively participate in a structure fire or go on a interior attack on a structure fire as it requires specialized training and equipment and presents extreme life hazards. The task at hand is fighting the embers. "ACE FIRE Preparedness offers information learned from The Los Angeles Fire Department and FEMA during the training course to certify as a Community Emergency Response Team Member. Please visit CERT through the link in the menu.

Please watch the videos which are meant to offer ideas that you can use to be better prepared. We must step up and help the fire department help us. Thank you, Stay Safe, Sherwin Ace Ross.