We at ACE FIRE Preparedness are grateful to bring massive value to those who serve us.

What we can learn from the Panorama Fire 1980 Documentary

We at ACE FIRE Preparedness LLC design and manufacture the ACEFHC KIT, a professional fire defense kit for community leaders, fire fighters, police, armed forces, CERT, Military etc to keep in your vehicle and homes.

"Welcome, just as we prepared to defend ourselves in every situation, we could be better prepared to keep up with climate change and unexpected events then we are today. Our #CERT Training with the Los Angeles Fiore Department and FEMA teaches us to assume the Fire Department is not coming. With that said, we have created the ACEFHC KIT The 75ft Attack Fire Hose with Professional Fire Fighting Brass Gated WYE Valve, Spanner HEX Wrench and The Nozzle to keep in your vehicle or home ready to take action before you call the Fire Department. "Be prepared for the unexpected.” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in these unprecedented times.

We at ACE FIRE Preparedness have designed and manufactured the first of its kind 75’ Fire Hose and hydrant connector kit to store in your vehicle. We serve Military, Police Departments. Fire Departments, FEMA, CERT and First Responders. The Kit is easy to use. This is Professional Fire Fighting Equipment that is a must in todays changing climates!

ACE Fire Preparedness has designed a KIT with professional fire fighting equipment. The Kit stores on your property, consists of fire hose, a gated wye valve, nozzles and a spanner hex hydrant wrench. “utilizing a portable gas-powered water pump you could have access to water from any standing water source that could include a pool, pond, a large storage tank, or a Canal or River. In the demonstration video we’re gonna draw water from the pool since they are very common in our area and many people have at their disposal between 15 and 30,000 gallons of water, that without the proper tools remains a useless resource”.