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ACE FIRE Preparedness & Defense

FM Approved 75' x 1 1.5" attack fire hose brass couplings TPU lining

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FM Approved Folded Lay Flat Attack Fire Hose for Occupant Use Brass Couplings TPU Lining.





Brass Couplings - TPU Lining New and FM Approved Improved

FM Approved for Occupant Use 1.5" x  75'

  • 100% filament polyester as both warp and wet/filler.

  • Compact and light weight

  • Easy to deploy

  • 19 folds for easy installation and deployment in pin rack.

  • Low friction loss for maximum flow.

  • Temperature range from -58° F to 158°F (-50°C  70°C )

  • TPU is an extruded through-the-weave, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fire hose. It provides excellent abrasion resistance, reduced weight, and improved kink resistance in comparison to rubber, along with the benefits of UV and ozone resistance.